“Our huge appetite for beauty, fashion and design combined with our passion and eagerness to create beautiful things will help us to let your brand shine.”

The Dear Hunters is founded by Anneke Pauwels and Katarina Vercammen, two women with years of experience in talent management and film & photo production.

Katarina Vercammen

Katarina started her professional career as a representative within the perfume industry for luxury brands Kenzo and Bulgari. In 1999, she established her own photo agency ‘Ultraviolent’ where she had the opportunity to work with a fine selection of fashion and lifestyle photographers.. From there she moved on and joined forces with her husband, Bjorn Tagemose, to launch 'Shoot the artist', where she worked for over fifteen years on fascinating film and photo projects in different fields ranging from fashion to music and advertising. One of her recent projects was the production of the ‘loudest silent movie on earth’: Gutterdämmerung. A film and live show where she had the pleasure to work closely with iconic artists like Grace Jones, Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins.

These years of collaborating with music agents, tour promoters and European PR agencies bestowed Katarina with an international profile and a unique contact base.

Between juggling her career, her daily exercise, her husband’s international schedule and two sporty teenagers, counting to ten and taking a long relaxing breath can almost count as a meditative exercise. Patience is a good virtue.

Anneke Pauwels

Having worked as a professional model for all of the major Belgian magazines, a variety of fashion brands and commercial clients, Anneke gained invaluable industry insights over the years. After more than ten years of collaborating with inspiring and talented fashion designers, photographers and stylists in front of the lens, it was time to switch positions. So, when the opportunity presented itself to work as casting agent and booker, Anneke jumped at the chance to motivate, help and manage other models. After working at a casting agency, Anneke moved on towards a leading Belgian film production company that produced film and television commercials. There she worked as a Marketing & New Bizz producer on the promotion of their roster of national and international directors.

All of these experiences lead to the co-founding of a renowned photo management agency, where Anneke was leading the company for ten years. Besides fulfilling her task as one of the managing partners, she also acted as a photographers' agent and photo producer for leading fashion and advertising brands, with a strong focus on sales.

While Anneke's professional CV already sounds impressive, she manages to successfully combine her career with her family life. If her house would ever catch fire, Anneke would rescue her two daughters, her husband, Woody the cat and... the last fresh avocados.