Visual identity
Branding & Re-Branding
Brand strategy & Communication
Graphic design
Art Direction
Content creation
Photography & Film
Pop-ups & Shop concepts

The Dear Hunters is a boutique agency that specializes in creating visual identities and campaigns for fashion, lifestyle, beauty and interior brands.

We hunt for and catch the best creative teams to style or restyle your brand from concept to completion.

Are you looking for a complete creative team or just that one missing link?

We will either build you a top team from scratch or find you that one talent to complete your in-house team.

A top designer, social media expert, copywriter, photographer, art director, interior designer, filmmaker,…

Our huge appetite for beauty, fashion and design combined with our passion and eagerness to create beautiful things will help us to let your brand shine.

The Dear Hunters are Anneke Pauwels and Katarina Vercammen, two women with years of experience in talent management and film & photo production.

Over the past years they have collaborated with creative talents from all over the world.

The hunt is on!